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My god. Livejournal. Who even am I now?

If you are someone who knows me here and not elsewhere, obviously this account is dusty and full of worms. If you want to find me, elsewhere, I am essentially everywhere as "mediapathic" these days. Twitter, tumblr, et al. Also, I put out a semiregular newsletter you may be interested in at

The Old Web. Geological shifts of community. Weird notions of intimacy out here on the event horizon.

Hope you're all well.
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ghost alley

3, 2, 1

Hey, I have a phone number now. You should all mail me your numbers, as they all disappeared in the flood. Note, however, that voice is expensive for me, but text is not, so please only call if absolutely necessary.

Also, I'm doing alright. I miss you all, my 505 peeps.

Also, I really don't use livejournal very often any more and I am comfortable with that. Other channels are preferable.
ghost alley

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Hello, livejournal.

Merry Christmas from the set of Blade Runner. Hope all of my people are safe and warm, wherever in the world you may be tonight. I'm thinking of you.
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To clarify, that look I had in my last post was not Anger, it was "Why isn't this thing doing-- oh, look, it's taking a picture."

Also, for the record, I have shaved since then.
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So, I feel I should update for those of you following along at home. However, as always, it'll be too brief.

Summary of where I am right now: highly inspired, and completely broke. I've become an active participant in NoiseBridge, the local SF hackerspace. Also, this past week I volunteered at Arse Elektronika, being run by a bunch of my friends. It was exceptional and fun and wonderful to see my friends from Austria and Germany.

So, I'm incredibly pleased with how things are going in terms of that sort of thing. I am also completely broke, and having a whole lot of difficulty finding a steady source of significant income. I'm so starving artist right now it's pathetically stereotypical.

But what this post is really here for is to point you all at various other places I update more frequently:

  • On twitter I'm mediapathic.
  • On Soup I'm mediapathic.
  • For the record, if anyone wants to Give Me Stuff for whatever reason, I have a pan-web wishlist set up on the horribly url'd but very convenient Those are listed chronologically, not by any importance or price. They range in price from reasonable to the horribly inappropriate for any occasion.
  • and of course I can as always be found at, but that's more professional/ portfolio kind of updates.

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[EDIT: I'm mediapathic on twitter now, too. Apologies to anyone who followed an old link.]
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A Drunkard's Prayer

Lord, Grant me the Beer to know what must be done,
the Tequila to be able to do it,
and the Whiskey to numb the pain of having done it afterward.


Also, I had a fantastic idea the other day: I don't have a diet plan yet (at least in salable form), but when I do, I have the name:


That will be all for now.